Please read the sections below to help prepare you for your evening.

What should I wear?

Essentials - remember we are outside in the dark, so you might get wet and cold!

Walking boots or stout shoes - these should be comfortable, waterproof, support your ankles and have a good grip. 

Socks - a thicker walking sock or thick sports socks.

Walking trousers - trousers, which are quick drying (not jeans!). 

Base layer - T-shirt or shirt next to your skin, avoid cotton as this holds moisture.

Mid Layer - Comfortable fleece or jumper.

Outer layer - waterproof jacket

Thermal layer - It can get cold stargazing, if the forecast is for frost or low temperatures consider wearing thermal tousers and thermal top.




What should I carry?

Rucksack - A comfortable small day sack, big enough to carry some extra clothes, a drink and bite to snack on.

Waterproof trousers - These can also act as an additional warm layer if you need it.

Extra warm layer - a thicker fleece or insulating jacket.

Gloves - consider a spare pair in case one gets wet.

Warm hat - A buff for your face/neck can be really good too.

Head Torch - With new batteries and spares. 

Food - Enough for your event.

Drink - Take a hot flask if possible. 

Other items - a phone, camera and something to sit on.

Walking poles - These really help with balance and help coming downhill in the dark.


Where do we meet, how long will we be out?

Meet in the Castleton Hall carpark, Braemar at 6.50pm 

Most trips last between 2 - 3 hours depending on the weather. 

If there is a chance of seeing the Aurora or cloud cover is expected to clear at a specific time, we may change timings to be flexible with this. Advance notice will be given by text or email should this be the case.

Please be aware this event will go ahead even if the weather is inclement. 


Participation Form - Please complete and submit before your event